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Zamboni Desk Vacuum

Did you know the Zamboni Ice Resurfacer was first developed by Frank Zamboni in 1949? Did you also know that now you can have your very own mini Zamboni zipping around your desk cleaning up all those annoying little pieces of paper and dust bunnies that hide behind your monitor? Well, thanks to Baron Bob, you can with his rockin' ZAMBONI DESK VACUUM. This conveniently cool little desktop vacuum is the perfect gift for all sorts of people. Dad, the hockey fan, will think he's right there center ice at a Rangers' game. Sis, the ice skater, will sit there with dreams of Winter Olympic Gold as it whips around gobbling up the crumbs around her keyboard. Gadget-loving Grandpa will be amazed at the neat way it happily goes about it's business tidying up his workbench. Heck, just about everyone will get a get a kick out of how well the ZAMBONI DESK VACUUM does it's job. This little fellow's design is based on the original Zamboni Ice Resurfacers that are still in use all over the world today. A sturdy plastic body and state of the art electronics makes this not only a great and fun gift but also a practical one, as well. And when all it's work is done the ZAMBONI DESK VACUUM makes a great conversation piece just sitting on the desk or displayed on a shelf until it is needed again. *Requires 4 AA Batteries (Not Included).

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