Yummy Pockets

Yummy Pockets
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Have you been hungering for someplace to keep your money or all the little things collecting in the bottom of your handbag? Tired of all your pens and pencils rattling around the bottom of your backpack? Well, fret no more! Imagine the look of surprise on the face of the cashier the next time you go to pay for something and you pull out a piece of pizza out of your purse!

Yummy Pockets are not only very cool and convenient but they are also a very neat accessory for the gal or guy on the go. Available in such delicious designs as Taco, Chocolate Chip Cookie and Pizza Supreme, these nifty little purses will tell the world that you take being a “foodie” to a whole new level. Realistic and reliable, Yummy Pockets can hold all those little things that you carry around that drive you crazy in one easy to access location. Yummy Pockets are so life-like you’ll have to stop people from trying to take a bite out of them!

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