What's For Lunch? Wheel

What's For Lunch? Wheel
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The What's For Lunch? Wheel is a lifesaver here at the office. The Baron wants Burger King. "Too Tall" Paul wants Italian. The guys in the warehouse want tacos. By the time we decide what we’re going to have for lunch it’s time for dinner! Well, those days of indecision are over, my friends! With the handy dandy multi-colored What’s For Lunch? Spin Wheel we just give it a whirl and the Wheel does the choosing for us.

Are you one of those folks who can never make up their mind. Torn between so many options, you just can’t pick the one thing you’re really craving. If this is the case, just grab the What’s For Lunch Wheel? and let fate do the picking for you. Who knows what you might end up having today. Could be pizza. Might be candy from the vending machine. Screw eating, The Wheel says “Caffeine & Nicotine”, so grab your cup of coffee and a cigarette and go sit outside and enjoy day.

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