Gun Tape Dispenser

Gun Tape Dispenser
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The Tape Gun uses any standard scotch tape roll. Easy to use and load, this nifty little replica of a .45 caliber pistol makes sealing everything a breeze. You know how it is with the dispensers scotch tape normally comes in. You tear off a piece of tape and as you try to get it on the package it gets all twisty and turn and stuck to itself. Talk about aggravating. But with this functional tape dispenser, you can apply the adhesive tape with just one hand. The Tape Gun allows you to do all your sealing in just one shot.

So, if you have someone in your life that spends a lot of time doing arts and crafts or mailing or shipping, this is jut the unique idea for a great stocking stuffer at Christmas or just a fun surprise to get a smile out of them. Item comes with 1 roll of tape. Uses any standard scotch tape roll refills.

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