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Mini Sushi Staplers

Konnichi wa! From the Land of the Rising Sun to the Land of the Baron’s Fun, we bring you the most honorable of all fun office supplies. The perfect gift for the ninja in your office or the samurai in your life, we are honorably humbled, Customers-sans, to bring you the Mini Sushi Staplers. For the first time, a gift this fishy is actually a good thing.

These days our culture has become so wonderfully diverse, it is not uncommon to see as many Japanese and Chinese restaurants in your town, as you see Burger Kings and McDonalds. Which is why, cuisines from around the world have become as American as apple pie. So, it is no surprise that the Mini Sushi Staplers are showing up on desks in offices everywhere from New York City to Pocatello, Idaho. Not just a hilarious coworker gift, you will want a set of these for your desk at home. If these were any more life-like, a small Japanese chef would be tossing them on the griddle at Benihana’s. Available in 3 delicious … we mean … eye catching styles these fully functioning fun and creative staplers are some of the coolest gag office supplies we carry. Available in Salmon Roll, Tuna or Shrimp, your first impulse will be to dip them in a little wasabi and soy sauce.

Dimensions: Tuna - 3.25"; Salmon - 3.25"; Shrimp - 4.25”

Q: How do I make the stapler work?
A: Hey, Paola I smell something fishy here...
Open your stapler, add the staples if you haven't already.
Look at the top inside of the stapler you will see a metal
doohickey (lack of a better word). If you look closely there's
an etching in the metal with the word "set" with an arrow
as well as the word "lock” with an arrow. The arrow with "set"
slide forward, thus you’re setting your stapler for action!
Sliding the mechanism the other way locks the stapler so
if you get drunk and think this Sushi is the real deal that
you don't end up accidentally stapling your lips together!

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