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Stool Sample

Meet the winner of our Dumbest Stocking Stuffer of The Year Award -

The Stool Sample!

The competition was fierce this year, but in the end, The Stool Sample was the judges' favorite. As far as they're concerned, no Christmas Stocking in the nation should be without one.
And we have to agree with them.

The Stool Sample is just a little stupid gag, but we've been carrying ours around and cracking people up with it everywhere we go.

It's a little medical-type bottle with an actual stool sample inside — No, not THAT sort of stool sample. It's the type of stool you sit on. It's.... Oh, just look at the photo and you'll get it in an instant.

What else can we tell you? The container is made of plastic, the stool is made of wood, and it will get you your $5.00 worth of laughs within the first fifteen minutes!

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