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Artificial Christmas Tree Snowing Machine


Snowing Machine


Truly a Christmas miracle. When I first had seen this I was WOW!'d with a capital "W". Your artificial Christmas tree (up to 7.5 ft) will have the appearance that it's actually snowing. And, it MUST be an artifical tree., not a real one. What's the secret? It's has to do with the very clever Snowing Machine. The Snowing Machine opens up to form a basin for the falling snow, so you don't have to shovel your rug. Furthermore, it also recycles the snow using it over and over. Situated in the basin is the Snowing Machine motor. It attaches to a green pipe that will be camouflaged in the center of your tree. It's from this pipe that the snow shoots out giving the illusion it's snowing on your tree. And, have no fear, your place doesn't need to be as cold as an igloo floating on an iceberg because the snow is as artificial as your tree. In actuality, the snow flakes are little white Styrofoam balls. Amazingly, the motor which plugs into any wall socket, is as quiet as "Silent Night". As a matter of fact, you can actually hear the snow cascading down the tree which provides a stimulating yet calming sensation. Better yet, the visual will have your friends and family in a trance (a perfect time to remove all the money from their Christmas cards). The Snowing Machine measures 24" x 24" and opens to form the basin which measures approximately 4ft in diameter. Simply place your Christmas tree stand in the basin and you are ready to go. Look at the picture above to see how easily the Snowing Machine and it's basin can be covered up in a decorative way.

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