Funny Romantic

Baron Bob has been happily married for 10 years, and he and his lovely bride recently celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary. Get it? Happily married 10 years but they just celebrated their 20th anniversary? OK, you'll laugh at that one later on your way home. The greatest gags and gifts for guys and gals can be found right here in the category of Humorous Amour. You know, Funny Romantic.

Hearts and farts, candy panties and sexy candies, candles to light and gifts that are out of sight. The Love Baron has it all.

Big Bite Gummy Bear
Love Gun Cupid Catapult
Say "I Love You" With a Rat
World's Largest Bra
Edible Candy G-String
Oh, no! Out of stock.
Farm Your Own Pearl Kit
Foot In The Door
His and Hers Dental Floss
Devil Duck
Heart Gelatin Mold
Napkin Notes
Likes gloves for your feet.
Happy Birthday HugMeez
Singing Dancing Fever Frog
Oh, no! Out of stock.
Boo Boo Kisses Bandages
Oh, no! Out of stock.