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Reflexology Massage Socks
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Reflexology Massage Socks

The Science of Reflexology claims that all sorts of body ailments and illnesses can be cured by massaging specific areas of the feet. Now, some experts believe this is a load of nonsense. But since we're trying to sell you these socks, we side with the group that claims Relexology is an amazingly effective way of treating everything from headaches to irregular menstral cycles. You have to admit, there must be something to it. After all, Reflexology has been used for thousands of years to help people way before the advent of modern medicine.

Well now you can bring the miracle of Reflexology to your sock drawer with Reflexology Socks. These remarkable socks accurately map out the soles of your feet, indicating exactly which areas of pressure effect which parts of your body.

Headache? Massage the middle section of your big toe. Constipated? Applying pressure to the outer section of your arch might do the trick. Eye fatigue. Neck pain. There are precisely marked areas on these socks that address all of that.

Now, before you go cancelling your health plan in favor of these socks, we should caution you that results vary WIDELY. Will they help exactly what troubles you? Who knows? We DO know, however, that these socks are unusual and original, and that you're sure to have a great deal of fun with them. Some experts insist that laughter helps cure things, and we DEFINITELY agree with that.

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