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Prank Packs - Awful Gift Boxes
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Prank Packs - Awful Gift Boxes

First, even if you have no intention of buying these, we hope you'll click on the pictures to see bigger photos of each box.  They are so well done.... and so funny.... that we just want you to enjoy it as much as we do.

Prank Packs are gift boxes for the worst gifts imaginable  - We mean, off-the-charts ridiculous. Imagine the look on you friend or family member's face when he unwraps his gift to see he's received Bathe And Brew, a shower coffee maker and soap dispenser, or Pet Petter, a robotic arm that pets your cat for you. The boxes are so realistic, it will take him a long time to get that it's a joke.... In fact, he'll most likely have to open the box to find the real gift you put inside. 

Prank Packs are really fun, not very expensive, and guaranteed to get a big laugh that will be remembered for Holidays to come.

Here are the styles we are offering...

  • BATHE AND BREW -- Make fresh brewed coffee while you shower.  And it dispenses soap, too!
  • NAP SACK SLEEP HOOD - Take a nap anywhere, anytime with the brilliant NapSack. Just slip it over your head and "Hello Slumberland!"
  • CRIB DRIBBLER BABY FEEDING SYSTEM - It works for hamsters, why not Junior? Load it up with formula, hook it on the crib, and take the rest of the day off!
  • BLANKEEZ -- One blanket that the entire family can cozy up in. Has head holes for 8 people!
  • NOGGIN NET - Store the fish you catch in your hat. What a problem solver!
  • CONNECT-A-CORD -- Why struggle with one long extension cord? This is a box of 6-inch extension cords you have to piece together.
  • BEER BEARD - SECRET BEVERAGE DISPENSER -  This reasonably realistic beard lets you sneak your favorite beverages into sporting events and theaters. They won't suspect a thing.
  • I-ARM -- This device let's you wear all your electronics on your arm, freeing up your hands for, er, well, something or other.
  • PET PETTER -- Will automatically pet your dog or cat up to 85 PPM. (pets per minute) You'll never have to touch your pet again!
  • EXTREME CHORES - This action-packed video game lets you recreate common household activities like raking, doing the dishes, and cleaning out the litter box
  • COFFEE TALKIES - Powerful Walkie-Talkies are built into these useful travel mugs. (Just don't poke your eye out with the antenna.)
  • MOTORIZED ROLLING PIN - A high-tech rolling pin automatically rolls forward AND backward with the press of a button? Brilliant! What an energy saver!

Each Prank Pack box measures 11.25 x 9 x 3.25, about the size of a really large phonebook. (remember those?) And not only are they really funny, but they'ill make whatever piece of junk you DID get as a gift look wonderful by comparison!

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