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STOP THE PRESSES! OK, we'll be honest: we don't have any presses here to stop. But it's not as dramatic to yell, "STOP PECKING AT YOUR KEYBOARDS!!", now is it? We didn't think so. Anyway, we had to shout something to announce the debut of what Baron Bob is already calling one of his favorite gag gifts of all time. That is a very big deal, you know. The Baron doesn't just bestow that title on just any old novelty gag that comes across his desk. So, hold onto you seats and get a load of the Crazy Calculator. Think a calculator can't give you and your friends hours of hysterical fun? Well, this one sure as heck can, and wait until you see why.

Flip the switch one way and it's a standard calculator. 2 + 2 = 4. OK, no big whoop. BUT flip the switch the other way and 2 + 2 = GIMME A BREAK! That's right, when in "crazy mode" this brilliant math toy will give the user nothing but smart aleck answers. You can send the geek in your life over the edge as he tries to do the most simple of math problems and the Crazy Calculator is doing nothing but giving them a hard time. They will be greeted with such answers to their mathematical formulas as:

- You tell me
- Try Later
- Go away!
- Gimme a break!
- R U serious
- Ask nicely
- And many more

You don't need a degree from MIT to realize that this is one of the coolest practical jokes ever that is also actually practical at the same time.

I LOVE THIS gag yet functional calculator and you will too! I'll put my money where your mouth is (I think that came out right). If you're not totally thrilled with the Crazy Prank Calculator keep it and I will refund your money including shipping. Sincerely, Bob Brooks a.k.a. Baron Bob

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