Pistol Screwdriver -Cordless and Cool

Pistol Screwdriver -Cordless and Cool
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We love things that look like other things --  Sandwiches that are really radios. Canes that are really umbrellas. And now the Pistol Powered Screwdriver!

These things look like guns, but they're actually powerful cordless, electric screwdrivers. Each Pistol Screwdriver comes with six drill bits that fit in ther revolver's chamgers. (Clever, right?)

It has a 3.6 volt motor and includes a fully-rechargeable lithium battery. You also get a power adapter fo charging the batteries.

VERSION FOR THE LADIES: The basic  version is gray-and-black, but there's a PINK version for those who prefer some feminity in their weapons and tools.l 

So locki and load and let's start assembling some Ikea furniture!


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