OUCH! Comic Strips Bandages

OUCH! Comic Strips Bandages
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"Holy novelty product, Batman! They're adhesive bandages!"

When you're a crime fighting superhero, you get more than your fair share of nicks and scratches. If you saw the latest Batman movie, you know what we mean. Despite the fancy body suit and all the high-tech gadgets,  he still was a bloody mess by the end of the picture. (If you haven't seen it yet, don't worry.... we've given nothing away.)

So how does your All-American superhero treat these cuts and bruises? With Ouch! Comic Strip Bandages! Each package contains a fun collection of sterile adhesive bandages bearing an onomatopoetic action word. For example there's WHAM!, POW!, and the ever-popular AAARGH! (BTW -- We're so proud of ourselves for slipping the word "onomatopoetic" into a product description. This is probably an internet first.)

The bandages are in a variety of shapes like you would find in an actual comic book. You get 24 bandages in all, and they come in a cool, reusable metal tin.

So the next time you cut yourself, instead of a Band-Aid, get in touch with the superhero inside and stick on a Comic Book Bandage. BAM!



24 Assorted adhesive bandages with absorbent pad. Ouch! Comics Strips includes: OUCH! OOOW! AAARGH! WHAAM! BAM and POW

Our Price: $5.95


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