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Norman The Talking Garden Gnome

Norman The Talking Garden Gnome

Norman The Talking Garden Gnome

Don't be rude! Wave Hi to Norman the Gnome! Norman The Gnome is the perfect Door Greeter for your home. He's Cheery, he talks and he waves. Norman's motion sensor will activate when visitors pass by and he'll deliver one of a bunch of humorous phrases, always with a smile while waving his arm. Norman's funny phrases include: "You again! You better do the dishes this time! We're still cleaning up from your last visit." "Ooooh, you've put on weight since your last visit!" Please steal me away, I want to see the world. I want to see London, Hawaii, Cairo, sweet Paris." "You can't borrow the lawnmower and we don't have any sugar, milk or eggs." "I wouldn't go in there if I were you, the last ones didn't come out." - Requires 2 AA Batteries (included) Norman is approximately 11 in. tall and 6.5 in. wide. - Please try to keep Norman out of the rain. Plastic Gnomes with electronics in them don't like to get wet. Put Norman at the front door for a giggle & a good time!


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