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Money To Burn Candle

Money To Burn Candle

Have a wife that can blow through your paycheck faster than a cheetah after a wounded gazelle? Does your husband spend money like there's no tomorrow? Have a kid in college who thinks that YOUR money grows on trees? Well, this wonderfully wacky novelty candle is just the gift to give them. The Money To Burn Candle will definitely let them know that you are not Bill Gates with a few billion laying around.

This funny candle looks like $10,000 worth of hundred dollar bills. Yes. That is what $10,000 looks like. Would you like a moment to close your eyes and caress it slowly imagining all the wonderful things you could buy here at with it? Go ahead. We'll give you your privacy. Done? Good. Now go and order the Money To Burn Candle for that spendthrift in your life who you love to death but is driving you bankrupt. The best part of this creative candle is that it comes with 3 wicks on top which allows it to burn down evenly. Not to mention the lovely scent that will fill the room as it's used. Also, gets a great laugh at office parties when you give it as a gift. Just smile and say, “I couldn't find you anything you'd like so there's $10,000 in here. Don't burn through it to fast.” Dimensions: 6.5” x 2” x 1”

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