Funny Mens Gifts

Our Favorite Gag Gifts For Men!

The Baron knows there is no one harder to buy for than a man. He's one himself, you know. So, he realizes how hard it is to buy just the most perfect gift for your Dad, husband, boyfriend, friend or co-worker. (Men can become such drama queens when they get a gift they don't like. We know we do.)

Which is why, when you're stuck with an idea for what to get that special guy, you need to head right here for the funniest and wildest selection of funny gifts for men.

Hopside Down Beer Glass
Loaded Dice Drinking Game
Oh, that's just wrong.
Oh, no! Out of stock.
Tattoo Sleeves
Bacon Wallet
Butt Station Desk Organizer
Inflatable Shark Head
Inflatable Tiger Head
Mini Flask Key chain
Truck Nutz
Male Pattern Baldness Coffee Mug
Oh, no! Out of stock.
Robo Keys Rubber Key Covers
A Little Blarney In Each Spray
Bobble Babes Can and Bottle Covers
BOMB Shot Glass
BURY THE HABIT Recordable Coffin
Dead Fred Pen Holder