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Love Van

The Love Van is the latest in wacky animatronic technology surely to inspire you and your friends to hoot and holler. Situated in a mock bright green hippie-era VW Bus, these two love birds are smiling with glee. Why wouldn't they be? They must still think it's the Summer of Free Love back in 1969. Press the button on top and watch as they slide back and the fun begins. These lovers really start to rock the bus. The headlights turn on and the moans and groans commence, as the Love Van bobs up and down. After they finish the deed, the male chimes in, like the horny toad he is, and says "Wanna Go Again?"

Who needs to "get a room" when you have a Love Van? A perfect funny retro gag gift for those still stuck in the 60's!

Product Dimensions: 8 in x 6 in

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