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Henry Viii Vanishing Wives Mug

Henry Viii Vanishing Wives Mug

Start each day with a hot cup of history with the Henry VIII Disappearing Wives Mug. This remarkable coffee mug actually renacts the dysfunctional marriages of King Henry. The attractive mug has a classic painting of Henry and each of his six wives. When you pour in hot liquid, the ill-fated wives disappear. In their place, you see their sillhouettes and an explanation of how exactly their royal husband dispatched them. For instance, Kathryn Howard and Anne Boleyn were executed, Jane Seymour somehow died, and Catherine of Aragon was lucky enough to get away with just a divorce.

The Henry VIII Disappearing Wives Mug teaches us many valuable lessons, such as "It's Good To Be The King" and "If At First You Don't Succeed..." Yeah, it's pretty twisted as coffee cups go, but it's also very funny and fascinating.

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