Gummy Pet Cockroach

Gummy Pet Cockroach
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We think the makers of Jelly Belly Jelly Beans have lost their minds. The company that's known for its line of delicious gourmet jelly beans has decided to create a Gummy Pet Cockaroach Candy.

At 1.5 ounces, this large gummy insect weighs about 500 times as much as an actual cockroach, and is about 5 MILLION times tastier! (Yes, we've been conducting comparitive taste tests.) The multi-colored Pet Roach Candy comes in assorted fruity flavors and, for some strange reason, contains 100% of the minimum daily requirement for Vitamin C.  Whoever thought eating a roach could fend off the common cold?

Well, now that Jelly Belly has crossed over to the dark side, who knows what other sick treats they'll come out with. For now, the Gummy Pet Cockroach is sick enough.


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