Funny Gifts Galore

At Baron Bob's we have taken flight
and scoured the land for the best
funny gift ideas known to man.

Get out your check list
for below you'll find.

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funny gift ideas
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unusual funny gifts

Looking for a funny gift
for a food Lover?
Yodeling Pickle
Wacky Yodelling Pickle

May we suggest for an
unexpected gag funny gift idea.
Polly The Swearing Parrot
Polly The Insulting Parrot

Another funny gift idea from Baron Bob.
Slingshot Flying Monkey
As seen on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno,
the Slingshot Flying Monkey has been an
instant sensation running through the nation.
The funniest gift in our lifetimes.

Funny Music Gag Gift
Electronic Finger Drums
Let your fingers do the rocking with the
perfect funny gift idea for the musically
inclined, the Finger Drums.

Still haven't found the funny gift idea? Take a gander
through our hilarious gallery and I'm sure you'll find
that perfect present or my name isn't Baron Bob.

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