Funny Shot Glasses

If you love doing a shot now and then, slam one back from one of the awesomely funny shot glasses we have in stock here at the Baron's. They make great gifts for bachelor and bridal parties or fun favors for bridesmaids and groomsmen. Maybe you're a collector and need a few new additions to your assemblage.

Shot glasses are like LAY'S Potato Chips. Bet you can't stop with just one.

Set of 4 Mini Mason Jars
Prescription Shot Glass Set of 3
Oh, no! Out of stock.
Solo Shot Glass Set
Gun Shots - Set of 3
Syringe Shooters
Toilet Shotglass Set
BOMBED Shot Glass Set
Chemistry Shot Glass Set
Trashed Shotglass Set
Bottoms Up Shot Glass Set
Bombs Away Shot Glass Set
BAD MOVE Shot Glass
BOMB Shot Glass
FILL 'ER UP! Shot Glass
FLIRT! Shot Glass