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Barack Obama Last Day In Office Countdown Clock

The previous edition of the Obama's Last Day In Office Countdown Clock worked perfectly, right down to the very second. Oh, except for one little thing — HE DIDN'T LOSE THE FREAKIN' ELECTION!!!

Well, our engineers have worked nonstop for two weeks to come up with an updated and failsafe version of the Countdown Clock. THIS version is guaranteed to countdown every single second until Barack Obama's last moment as President in January of 2017. Barring a Constiturional Amendment, it can't miss.

The Obama's Last Day Countdown Clock proudly displays the hours, minutes and seconds until the BIG day! In addition this conversational desk clock can show the current time and date. Now that's a stimulus bonus right there. Furthermore after reaching the targeted date this clock can be reset to start counting down some other worthy event.

Setup is much less complicated than green technology and health care reform just a few buttons pressed on the back of the unit and it's good to go.

Please Note: Color of clock's casing can vary from black to white. Measures 4 inches wide by 2.5 inches high. Requires 2 double AA batteries not included.

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