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Cahones The Big Ball Chihuahua Dog

Cahones The Singing Dog is a well-endowed Chihuahua and he's not the slightest bit embarrassed about it. You can see by Cahones The Singing Chihuahua's big smile and his "Fetch These!" T-shirt. He's brimming with unmatchable canine confidence.

Squeeze Cahones The Singing Chihuahua Dog's Ear, not his you know what... and he'll turn his head and sing you his very self assured song of the hugeness of his loins.

Sample Lyric: "I've got the biggest balls of all, do da do da."

We could make about 25 more big balls-related jokes, but we're above that (barely).

Cahones The Big Balls Singing Chihuahua stands 12 inches tall.

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