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BUCK The Animated Singing Talking Deer

BUCK The Animated Singing Talking Deer

BUCK The Animated Singing Talking Deer

Gemmy Industries has outdone itself, technology and novelty meet to produce one of the funniest and most amazing animatronic wall hanging items of all time. Friends and family will flip as Buck The Singing Talking Deer's mouth, head and ears move while singing one of his many preprogrammed songs, including: Rawhide, Sweet Home Alabama, Suspicious Minds, Friends in Low Places, LA Grange and On the Road Again. The Buck does not stop there (pun intended) Buck The Singing Talking Deer will say whatever you want him to. Just speak into the wireless mike, and your words come out of his mouth. Hide behind the couch and let the games begin. A BARON BOB THOUGHT - You might want to dust that camcorder off because the reaction of the unexpected could be so priceless it might earn you a $10,000 check from America's Funniest Home Video!! Hey, you never know? Or if you want a laugh without the effort just switch Buck The Singing Talking Deer to his motion sensor and Buck will be ready 24 / 7 to bust into song. - Realistic appearance with fur and a few whiskers will have your family thinking you went on Safari. - Buck is easy to mount on the wall using the provided bracket.

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