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Arm Wrestle Mania Tabletop Game

Arm Wrestle Mania Tabletop Game

Arm Wrestle Mania Tabletop Game

Do you feel the need for a daily test of will and might? Arm Wrestle Mania might be right up your alley. Press the start button and an announcer count down will begin. Match up against a friend and start tapping on your player's button as fast as you can. Take all your frustration out on that button, you can do it. As you do the arms will sway side to side, and different sounds will play until one man conquers the other. The crowd will cheer and he will be proclaimed "Winner" Then you can take the Arm Wrestle Mania belt (not included but you could make one!) This Electronic Arm Wrestling Game is a true test of finger might, grit, and awesomeness. Also this manly conversation piece makes a great party game.

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