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Here's one of the weirdest toys to cross our path in a LONG time. Meet the Gummy Bear Anatomy Model. You've probably never had the opportunity to dissect an actual Gummi Bear. Because they're protected species, authentic Gummi Bear carcasses are extremely rare and, when they do surface, disections are almost conducted in exclusive European veterinary academies.

Fortunately, we bring you the Gummy Bear Anatomy Model. This educational toy will allow you to see inside a gummi bear and learn how he really ticks. In fact, you can even open him up and remove his organs, study them, and reassemble the poor critter. Wonderful, no?

You can remove his:

* larynx
* cerebrum
* liver
* brain stem
* heart
* gall bladder
* colon
* stomach
* and jejenum (whatever that is)

You can also dismantle his skeleton. All told, there are 41 PARTS TO THIS AMAZING THING!!!

The Gummy Bear Anatomy Model was designed by artist Jason Freeny. We thank you, Mr. Freeny, for giving the world such an amazing and educatiocal toy!

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