About Us

BaronBob.com is one of the pioneers of E-Commerce. Way back in 1998, an enterprising individual named Bob Brooks (a.k.a Baron Bob) launched a site called WonderfullyWacky.com. Bob was a dedicated gift crusader and built his website into one of the web's top sources for funny gifts. At some point along the way, Bob realized the WonderfullyWacky.com was ridiculously hard to remember and spell, and so he changed the name of his company to BaronBob.com. (Much better, no?)

Through the years BaronBob.com has been featured on every TV program from The Today Show to The Tonight Show. It's our mission statement and flight plan to dare to be different offering items from a wide range of unique, unusual, funny, to pure wackiness.

Today BaronBob.com is a division of Laughmart, Inc., a NY-based company that also operates Tasteless.com, a radical new website selling shocking gifts and adult novelties. BaronBob.com operates out of a state-of-the-art warehouse in Tennessee with over 1000 wacky items on its shelves.

As always I hope you enjoy your flight into possibly the world's wackiest gift gallery!

The Staff at BaronBob.com