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Inflatable 6 Foot Alien [Out]

Ever wonder why it's only drunken hillbilly rednecks out in a field in the middle of the night who get to be anally probed? Do you find yourself often saying, “Boy, I sure do wish a big green alien would anally probe ME!”? Well, Baron Bob feels your pain. (Not literally, of course.) All probing aside we have acquired the best gift for the sci fi fan in your life. This isn't E.T. and he sure not looking to phone home. Just beamed down to the BB secret lair is the amazingly cool and totally green Inflatable Alien. At 6 feet tall, this fun space gag will get a reaction from anyone he encounters. Which would make it a Close Encounter of the Third Kind. All you need to do is blow-up the Inflatable Alien and use him as a great and funny party gag. We suggest hiding him outside in the bushes peeking in the bathroom window. Always a guaranteed scream.

Of course, you might have a mess to clean up in the bathroom but the laughs you will get with this great green galoot are worth it.

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